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Highlights of Spring’19 Release: Part II

Hello Ohana!! This very article takes you up through the major functionality upgrades in the lightning development platform by salesforce coming this Spring’19 release. Let’s get started! Visualforce:  1. Show a Toast with a New JavaScript Function:   Displaying messages are now made easy by the introduction of this new JS function. A toast displays a message… Continue reading Highlights of Spring’19 Release: Part II

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How to use external Id to Upsert data in salesforce using Talend

Please find below links for the installation and introduction about Talend. What is an external Id? External Id is a very interesting feature given by Salesforce. It is very helpful when we are importing data from external system without duplicates. It references an ID (record Identifier) from external system. Only 3 types of… Continue reading How to use external Id to Upsert data in salesforce using Talend

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Einstein Analytics: Creating Date Fields in Recipes for Toggles

Einstein Analytics is AI-powered advanced analytics that helps in exploring data quickly and with Salesforce Analytics Query Language (SAQL) to query, manage your datasets and customize dashboards programmatically. To know more on Analytics, refer the link. Using toggle widget we can create a filter for the viewers on Analytics dashboard results based on date or… Continue reading Einstein Analytics: Creating Date Fields in Recipes for Toggles

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Salesforce Integration with WordPress

This post will help you to integrate Salesforce with WordPress and access the blogs in Salesforce from WordPress. Here we are getting the blog from a linked WordPress account and displaying it in a lightning modal popup in Salesforce. Steps to be implemented: 1. Create an app in WordPress application manager [create App]. Redirect URL… Continue reading Salesforce Integration with WordPress


Introduction To Talend Integration Tool

Introduction To Talend Open Studio (TOS) Talend Open Studio is an open source project that is based on Eclipse RCP. It supports ETL oriented implementations and is generally provided for the on-premises deployment.  It is extensively used for integration between operational systems, ETL processes and data migration. Talend Open Studio for Data Integration is designed… Continue reading Introduction To Talend Integration Tool


Introduction To Streaming API

Streaming API enables streaming of events using push technology and provides a subscription mechanism for receiving events in near real time. The Streaming API subscription mechanism supports multiple types of events, including PushTopic events, generic events, platform events, and Change Data Capture events. Where do we use it?? Streaming API is used when you need… Continue reading Introduction To Streaming API