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Top Highlights of Salesforce Winter’20 Release: Part II

Hello Ohana!! We are back with the highlights of the winter’20 release. Let’s see what are the new features Salesforce is rolling out in order to make the platform more efficient and make our work easy!! 🙂 Let’s get started… Development: Lightning web components open source:   The Lightning Web Components framework is now open source,… Continue reading Top Highlights of Salesforce Winter’20 Release: Part II

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Field Service Lightning

Salesforce has expanded their Service Cloud offerings by adding Field Service Lightning. Field Service Lightning works with Service Cloud, adding functionality for dispatching, monitoring, and reporting field service representative’s activity. Salesforce FSL product focuses on putting the right mobile employee in the right place, at the right time, to meet or exceed customers’ expectations. The offline-friendly… Continue reading Field Service Lightning

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Usage of Spring ’19 component — lightning:unsavedChanges

Accidents are commonplace! And yeah, Spring  ’19 has come up with a new component lightning:unsavedChanges. Voila!! We often come across situations where we type in data and then we accidentally refreshes, closes the page or press back button and all the entered data is lost!!  lightning:unsavedChanges  comes in to help here! It notifies the user… Continue reading Usage of Spring ’19 component — lightning:unsavedChanges

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Lightning Reusable Carousel component

Carousels are often thought of as an easy solution to provide better navigation to all the important content/offers on the site. It is used to highlight important information and engage the customers on the go. It is often a hurdle for developers to include a carousel in the code. Here I have written a reusable… Continue reading Lightning Reusable Carousel component

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Highlights of Winter’19 Release Notes: Part II

“Aloha Trailblazers Ohana” We bring you back the Part II highlights of Winter’19 Release!! Let’s learn new and blaze our trail!! Don’t miss out to read the part I highlights to stay updated about the new features!! Part I Highlights Lightning Communities: Content Management, Flows for Guest Users, and Filtered Search Results 1. Upgrade to Latest… Continue reading Highlights of Winter’19 Release Notes: Part II

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Grocery Stock Maintenance Using Einstein Object Detection

Let suppose a grocery store wanted to update the daily stock of juice cartons that are of different brand refrigerated. This cannot be done manually every day by counting each carton of a different brand. Think when you have a system that helps you in identifying daily stock, here Einstein Object Detection helps the grocery… Continue reading Grocery Stock Maintenance Using Einstein Object Detection