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Lightning Experience: Salesforce Summer ’18 Release

The Summer ’18 release delivers more personalized and integrated customer journeys while enabling your team to work smarter with new levels of data insight across your org. This blog offer a high-level information of some of the major enhancements and features of Summer’18 release. 1.New Lightning Components  The following components are new and require API… Continue reading Lightning Experience: Salesforce Summer ’18 Release

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Dynamic Reusable Lightning Table Component

Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) is a principle of software development aimed at reducing repetition of software development patterns. Most of the time we will find creating same kind of Component for different object over and over again. To over come this we have created Dynamic reusable lightning component. Github Link : This component is… Continue reading Dynamic Reusable Lightning Table Component

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Reusable Lightning Notification On Record Update (Backend/API/UI) using Lightning Data service

A very common scenario faced in various organizations is that multiple users are working on same set of records and end up editing the same record which has been edited by a different user. The user who last clicks on the save button gets error message saying “error…being edited by…”. All last typed text is… Continue reading Reusable Lightning Notification On Record Update (Backend/API/UI) using Lightning Data service

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Generic Lightning Component for Follow/UnFollow Record

It is often useful for a user to keep track updates on the case feed this will helps to resolve the cases more efficiently. Salesforce provides “Follow” feature, Using this feature we can track updates to a record, including field changes, posts, tasks, and comments on records. If the user follows a record, he can… Continue reading Generic Lightning Component for Follow/UnFollow Record

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How to build custom lookup in lightning

Want to build Custom Lookup in the Lightning? Don’t worry, it’s quick and easy!! For this module, let’s divide it into three components: customLookup_Parent.cmp cutomLookupResult_Child1.cmp cutomLookupResult_Child2.cmp The parent component holds the search bar, modal popup or drop down list for showing results. (Refer Screenshot 1).            Screenshot 1. Parent component showing… Continue reading How to build custom lookup in lightning

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Configurable Map Component for Lightning Record Pages

Everyone loves to use a custom component which can be placed in any object irrespective of whether its standard or custom. In this blog, I am going to introduce one such component, which is the reusable map component. What it does? By placing this component in your Lightning page, you can display the map based… Continue reading Configurable Map Component for Lightning Record Pages

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Salesforce Summer’17 Release: Platform Events

Platform events is a native feature introduced in summer’17 release. It follows an event driven architecture wherein a sender broadcasts a message that is captured by one or more receivers. Platform events simplify the entire process of communicating changes and responding to them without the need of complex logic. Platform events allow customers to increase… Continue reading Salesforce Summer’17 Release: Platform Events