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Highlights of Winter’19 Release Notes: Part II

“Aloha Trailblazers Ohana” We bring you back the Part II highlights of Winter’19 Release!! Let’s learn new and blaze our trail!! Don’t miss out to read the part I highlights to stay updated about the new features!! Part I Highlights Lightning Communities: Content Management, Flows for Guest Users, and Filtered Search Results 1. Upgrade to Latest… Continue reading Highlights of Winter’19 Release Notes: Part II

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Making Callouts with Batch Apex for Data of over 12 MB

  Those who often work on integrations of Salesforce with other platforms must be familiar with the restrictions imposed on callout requests or responses. For those who are not so familiar, the maximum heap size of callouts (either HTTP or WebService calls) is 6 MB for synchronous apex and 12 MB for asynchronous apex. Not… Continue reading Making Callouts with Batch Apex for Data of over 12 MB

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These words “Internet of Things”, have taken the world through a storm. The devices that we could not even think of can now communicate with each other with a simple click. Today, everyday objects are using the internet to connect to the cloud, forming what has become known as the “Internet of Things” or “IoT”. The ‘thing’… Continue reading INTRODUCTION TO SALESFORCE IoT CLOUD

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SObject Tree Structure

In this article, we are implementing a Tree Structure which displays all the parent and its respective child and grandchild records. When clicked on certain parent record, its respective child records are shown and when we click on child records they respective grandchild records are displayed. This goes on. The current implementation is generic which… Continue reading SObject Tree Structure