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Blockchain for Salesforce

Introduction of Blockchain Blockchain is a technology that uses cryptography to create a secure linkage between records. Blockchain was first described in 1991 by Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornetta. Blockchain has nodes, and these nodes are called Blocks. Each block contains the hash, hash of the previous block, timestamp and the data. Tempering with… Continue reading Blockchain for Salesforce

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Field Service Lightning

Salesforce has expanded their Service Cloud offerings by adding Field Service Lightning. Field Service Lightning works with Service Cloud, adding functionality for dispatching, monitoring, and reporting field service representative’s activity. Salesforce FSL product focuses on putting the right mobile employee in the right place, at the right time, to meet or exceed customers’ expectations. The offline-friendly… Continue reading Field Service Lightning

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Change Data Capture Events in Salesforce – Keep your UI Updated with latest data

Change Data Capture(CDC) events :- This is still a new term in Salesforce world . Do you know how powerful it is ? If not read this post and learn CDC events Have you ever faced the issue when you are viewing the record and at the same time other user has modified the same… Continue reading Change Data Capture Events in Salesforce – Keep your UI Updated with latest data

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Bulk Import Email from Gmail to Salesforce

Use Case : Customer needs to import all emails along with attachment from their Gmail account into their Salesforce org. Problem: Currently, there is no way to mass-import emails within the Salesforce User Interface Resolution: We are going to export email into MBOX format.Then using python script we will generate CSV and using data loader… Continue reading Bulk Import Email from Gmail to Salesforce

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Highlights of Summer’19 Release Notes: Part I

Greetings all the Salesforce enthusiasts!! Salesforce has come up with another set of updates and enhancements which takes user experience to a new level. With every release salesforce provides us with many user friendly features which helps user not only to use salesforce with ease but also to identify the best feature as per their… Continue reading Highlights of Summer’19 Release Notes: Part I

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Snap-Ins Chat for Web

The Service Cloud Lightning Snap-ins allows you to embed the support channel of your customer’s choice – chat, video chat, knowledge, case management and click-to-call – inside your company’s webpage or web app.By adding the Snap-ins chat widget to your website, customers can quickly get answers to their questions by chatting with an agent while… Continue reading Snap-Ins Chat for Web