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Single-Sign-On and SAML in Salesforce

The Below content focuses mainly on the working of Single-Sign-On and understanding SAML role in it, rather than describing it how to configure in Salesforce. What is SSO? Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication process that allows a user to access multiple applications with one set of login credentials. Why SSO? SSO solves the biggest… Continue reading Single-Sign-On and SAML in Salesforce

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Integrating Salesforce and Microsoft Outlook by using Lightning for Outlook

Effective Time Management is important to achieve success during the Sales process. But there seems to be the problem faced by Sales rep daily while sending and replying Email. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and email application, meantime as they are separate, sales rep have needed to move between them. This blog will help you to… Continue reading Integrating Salesforce and Microsoft Outlook by using Lightning for Outlook

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WorkAround for PDF Rendering in SF1

Salesforce1 as a new mobile interface for everything in Salesforce. It’s possible to publish a visualforce page to mobile devices. One key developer feature is that any visualforce page, can be embedded in the Salesforce1 mobile app without extra coding – just by making the Visualforce page ‘available for mobile’ (checkbox in the VF page editing… Continue reading WorkAround for PDF Rendering in SF1

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What is Enhanced Email ?

Enhanced Email was released in Summer ’16 to open up email features that were previously only available in Email-to-Case (E2C). Release Note Enhanced Email is automatically enabled for most organizations except those that use Email-to-Case. You can check this at Setup-> Enhanced Email Let’s understand basic email-task first. In Salesforce, if you do not have E2C and… Continue reading What is Enhanced Email ?


Email Services : Apex Class to unsubscribe Email

In Continuation to the Previous Blog i have written Titled  , Email Services in Salesforce with a simple example ( Here is a requirement which can apply to almost any usage of the email services feature of salesforce . The unsubscribe Email functionality , is the feature by code where you can give your users… Continue reading Email Services : Apex Class to unsubscribe Email