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Introduction to ChatBots

Chat Bot is a  chat Robot that is used instead of live agents to communicate with the customers/end users for solving the queries. A chatbot is an application that simulates human conversation, either aloud or via text message. Instead of having a conversation with a person, like a support agent, a customer can have a… Continue reading Introduction to ChatBots

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Grocery Stock Maintenance Using Einstein Object Detection

Let suppose a grocery store wanted to update the daily stock of juice cartons that are of different brand refrigerated. This cannot be done manually every day by counting each carton of a different brand. Think when you have a system that helps you in identifying daily stock, here Einstein Object Detection helps the grocery… Continue reading Grocery Stock Maintenance Using Einstein Object Detection

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Einstein Intent and Einstein Sentiment Analysis on Facebook Posts

Einstein Language  Einstein Language Is used to build natural language processing into your apps and unlock insights within text. Einstein Language contains two NLP services: Einstein Sentiment Einstein Intent Einstein Intent—Categorize unstructured text into user-defined labels to better understand what users are trying to accomplish. Leverage the Einstein Intent API to analyze text from emails,… Continue reading Einstein Intent and Einstein Sentiment Analysis on Facebook Posts

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Einstein Vision – Real Estate App

Let suppose in some real estate website, we search for properties and we get the result related to it. When this comes to salesforces we have Einstein which can help in a large amount of data. Einstein has image classification and object identification as Einstien Vision. Same way using Einstein Vision a real estate app… Continue reading Einstein Vision – Real Estate App

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Einstein Sentiment Analysis

Einstein Sentiment is something to predict the reviews or messages whether it is positive, negative or neutral. Using these companies can categorize the customer attitudes and take action appropriately to build their insights. As earlier discussed in marketing cloud (https://teamforcesite.wordpress.com/2018/02/07/marketing-cloud-social-studio-series-macros/) sentiment analysis can be achieved even using Einstein. Here user enters some message, Einstein finds the sentiment that… Continue reading Einstein Sentiment Analysis