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Highlights of Summer’19 Release Notes: Part I

Greetings all the Salesforce enthusiasts!! Salesforce has come up with another set of updates and enhancements which takes user experience to a new level. With every release salesforce provides us with many user friendly features which helps user not only to use salesforce with ease but also to identify the best feature as per their… Continue reading Highlights of Summer’19 Release Notes: Part I

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Highlights of Winter’19 Release Notes: Part I

“Aloha Ohana”!! It is that time of the year again when salesforce is upgrading it’s functionality and here we bring you the Winter 19 highlights!! Lightning Experience Adoption: More Ways to Discover and Adopt the New Salesforce Learn Why Users Are Switching Back to Salesforce Classic We can find out why  your users aren’t adopting… Continue reading Highlights of Winter’19 Release Notes: Part I

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Getting started with Salesforce DX

What is Salesforce DX? The term Salesforce Developer Experience (DX) encompasses both a set of tools and new features that affect the app development lifecycle. Salesforce DX introduces a new development paradigm that shifts the center of your world from monolithic, org-based development to modular, artifact-based development. This model streamlines the entire development life cycle, with… Continue reading Getting started with Salesforce DX

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Highlights from Summer ’18 release: Part II

We have come up with few more highlights of this Summer ’18 release notes. Hope you have gone through the first part Highlights from Summer ’18 release: Part I, if not, this is the right time check out the first part. Lightning Communities: Improve Your Customer’s Community Experience with Progressive Rendering Now you have finer control… Continue reading Highlights from Summer ’18 release: Part II


Highlights from Summer ’18 release: Part I

The Salesforce is about to come out with yet another exciting release i.e Summer ’18 release. We bring to you highlights from Summer ’18 release to quickly get you through some of the most important and exciting features of this release. With each new release, Salesforce is giving more power to lightning experience and encouraging… Continue reading Highlights from Summer ’18 release: Part I

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Lightning Components As Flow Screens

One of the biggest feature announcement of Spring ’18 is Flow Components. World of Lightning Components have reached lightning flow.We can directly drag the Lightning component written by someone else to our flow screen, and thus it dramatically improves the range of things we could do using flow the screen. We just need to implement… Continue reading Lightning Components As Flow Screens