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Boost Recruiter’s Efficiency with Smart Candidate Recommendations

ConnectEazy is a new-age, enterprise-ready, HCM platform that enable’s enterprises to automate day-to-day HR processes, simplifies human interactions, delivers actionable insights to build better workplaces and achieve their strategic HR goals faster and smarter. In this blog, we highlight one of ConnectEazy’s most useful capabilities: Candidate Recommendations

As an active recruiter, you are always on the hunt for talented individuals to meet the growing needs of your organization! You’ll most likely do a couple of things-leverage your professional & personal connections, get the word out by posting job requirements on job portals – both external & internal OR search the Candidate database of your organization. 

Many-a-times in an interview process, potential employees do not make it through or may back out for reasons like skill mismatch, preferred location unavailability, or on account of getting a better offer from another organization. As your organization grows, you’ll think about going back to these candidates for new opportunities that have opened up. Evaluating these candidates is much easier than sourcing a new set of candidates from other  channels, especially since you’ve got their interview history

In a recent survey conducted by DICE insights for a diverse recruitment services-based audience, nearly half of the participants conveyed that they spend at least 30 hours of their workweek sourcing candidates. This leaves them with very little time to work on activities like engaging candidates, comparing interview feedback & initiating management discussions. It may lead to, missed recruiting opportunities,  having a negative impact on the recruiter’s KPI’s like time to hire & cost to hire! And not to forget a poor hiring experience for the candidate.

With HireEazy, ConnectEazy’s comprehensive recruitment module, we’ve envisioned a new way of looking at your candidate database. Its recommendation engine provides candidate suggestions based on the job requirement specifications, making candidate search a breeze!

Meet the Candidate Recommendation Engine:

ConnectEazy offers its Recruitment users a simple yet effective tool to save time on Candidate sourcing. We refer to it as the “Recommended Candidates” widget. This widget is essentially a tab on the Job Requirement page, available at all times. It shows the list of the most relevant Candidates to a Job Requirement from the organization’s ConnectEazy database of historical Candidates. All the Recruiter needs to do is create the Job Requirement entry & ConnectEazy’s intelligent recommendation engine would do the rest. It produces results by scanning the Candidate database with the help of keywords entered on the “Skills” attribute of the Job requirement: 

So is there anything else that this widget can do? A lot more! We’ve added more features to help a recruiter be more productive.

  1. Refine results: As your organization expands, the Candidate database would no doubt grow significantly. It would be cumbersome to scroll through a huge list of recommendations. We understand this need & have embedded quick & advanced filters on the recommendation page. With this, a recruiter can filter further and get to the right candidates faster!
  1. Bulk Add Candidates to the Job Requirement: From the Recommended Candidates list, add multiple Candidates to the current Job Requirement & initiate their screening as well as the interview process, all in one place.
  1. Email all shortlisted Candidates: Once you’ve picked your candidates, send an email to get that conversation started in a few clicks.


The Candidate recommendations widget is just one of the many tools & capabilities offered by HireEazy for an organization’s recruitment activities. Take advantage of the Interview scheduler, Form builder & many more tools to boost your team’s productivity & let them focus on the things that matter! 

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