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Summer’20 CPQ Release Features

CPQ is one of  the most comprehensive business solutions offered by Salesforce with its powerful configuration options across the Configure-Price-Quote cycle. It is an invaluable asset for any company in generating complex quotes for their orders based on the available product catalogue. The quotes generated by this software are automated based on a preprogrammed set of rules which ensures error-free pricing. 

Salesforce Summer ’20 Release comes with four upgrades to CPQ. Let’s take a look at them and see how these features add even more value to this product.

Optimize Column Sizes on Quote Line Editor :

  • Sales reps have the option to optimize column sizes on the Quote Line Editor layout to meet their requirements. Some of the new features under this option are Column widths can be resized or rearranged to view the required content, with minimal horizontal scrolling and shrinks the white space. However, only the columns can be resized, not the rows.
  • Quote Line Editor now has an auto-saving functionality during poor connectivity of internet or power disruptions. It is possible to reset the Quote Line Editor to ‘Default’ without removing or adding anything. Quote Line Editor has a minimum fixed column width such that a column without data is also visible.

Path for enabling this feature :

Installed Packages > CPQ >  Line Editor > Enable Column Resizing

Make sure that each user profile has the correct permissions for the column metadata and field metadata objects.

Greater Bundle Structure control on Amendments :

  • Sales reps now have greater bundle structure control when creating amendments. Previously, they would have to use the original contract’s product bundle structure. Now, sales reps can keep the original structure or make use of the new Bypass Preserve Bundle.
  • This is helpful to break out components after sale and to manage each element in different way. This replaces the ‘Allowed & Always’ bundle type which is used for amendment of bundles currently.
  • A new control is introduced wherein the Start date of new amendment cannot be prior to start date of existing amendment preventing incorrect quote line totals. Now you can also add a new field to the quote line editor field set to display the earliest valid start date.

Path for enabling this feature :

Installed Packages > CPQ >  Subscriptions and Renewals > Bypass Preserve Bundle

Transition of CPQ to Permission Set Licenses (Update) :

  • Transition of Managed package licensing to Permission set licensing is the new update in the current release. This cannot be upgraded until the org is reviewed. There is a tool available in org to upgrade.  New package can be upgraded only when the Managed Package License configuration is correct and every CPQ user has an assigned Salesforce CPQ License.
  • This also covers adding new object permissions for quote documents. To use the quote’s Preview Document button, users now require Create and Edit permissions on the quote document object.
  • A warning message  appears in the quote line editor if the org does not resolve the errors returned after running the readiness tool. However, Sales reps can still access the quote line editor after closing this warning.

Expand/Collapse Product Bundles

This is another improvement for users, but this update is in the Quote Line Editor screen. Previously this option could only be enabled by Salesforce Customer Support, now Admins will be able to configure Product Bundles to expand or collapse in the QLE. Nested items that appear cluttered can take up a lot of screen space and require intense scrolling. Now, Admins can customize their Salesforce org’s view, enhancing user experience within the quote line editor.

Bundle in earlier release :

Bundle in current release :

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