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Field Service Lightning (FSL) Summer ’20 Release

Salesforce is back with their Summer ’20 Release, hereby delivering innovation and new solutions during these unprecedented times. This release has brought some exciting and much-awaited features for Field Service Lightning (FSL) application. Read on to find out more about these and how they can enhance your organization’s productivity & better drive your workforce.

Please note, all features mentioned in this article apply to Lightning Experience in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions with the Field Service Lightning managed package installed.

1. Do More With An Enhanced Dispatcher Console

1.1. Optimization Insights
This powerful feature will help users gain an insight into how global optimization are impacting their KPIs & improving utilization. For example, if user tweaks a scheduling policy, a results snapshot will show metrics (like travel time, utilization etc.) before & after this optimization as shown in the screenshot below. This feature has been currently released as a Beta feature and only a preview for evaluation purposes.

Optimization Insights: (1) Metrics (2) KPIs by Territory (3) Summary that includes optimization & scheduling policy details

1.2. Appointments List
Dispatchers can now increase their productivity and save clicks in the dispatcher console with the help of upgrades made to appointments list.

1.3. Customize Gantt Chart
Control what users can see and do on the Dispatcher console by assigning custom permissions. For example, you can now create a read-only view of the Gantt Chart or enable access only for certain users to drag appointments from the list to Chart. For using this feature, users would first have to add these to exisitng FSL permissions and assign them to users. Note, activation of permissions is an irreversible action.

2. Manage Schedules Like A Pro

2.1. Count Work Rules
In order to manage workloads and limit the daily work-hours for your workforce, FSL now offers the ability to add Count work rules to your scheduling policies. For example, users can now assign lighter workloads to new-hires. Users can add upto 4 rules to count custom fields.

2.2. Default Enhanced Optimization
In contrast to prior settings, enhanced optimization would now be activated in all new orgs and non-production orgs. This feature will greatly aid in better responding to last-minute schedule changes and align with KPI goals.

Appointments List: (1) De-select Appointments with a single click (2) Appointment details on hover (3) Gantt icons or icons from custom formula field to communicate information visually

3. Live Stress-Free And Manage Your Workforce Efficiently

3.1. Manage Shifts
Users have received another much-awaited upgrade to help manage shifts better. Multi-day shifts have a new look which enables users to quickly search for shifts and perform actions (such as Edit, Delete) on hover itself.

Shift Management: Mult-day shifts

3.2. Manage Assets
Better manage your organization’s assets by capturing details of asset’s availability, uptime to start availabilty (downtime) and reliability (unplanned downtime) calculations.

Asset Management: Record Asset Downtime

3.3. Manage Expense
Track your team’s expenses by creating expenses linked to work orders.

4. Share Important Information With The Right People

4.1. Share Maintenance Plans And Service Contracts
Extend access to maintenance plans & service contracts based on owner or other criterion, ensuring that important stakeholders have access to important information.

4.2. Share Timesheets
Provide access to timesheets to the right people (say, accounting department) with the help of criterion-based rules.

5. Improve Productivity With Upgraded FSL Mobile Experience

5.1. Increased Push Notification Limits
With this release, users now have the ability to send upto 20,000 iOS and 10,000 Android push notifications per hour per org.

5.2. Mobile Flows And Quick Actions
Users can now launch flows and quick actions directly from the mobile app, saving clicks and time. Users can use the following formats to run links to quick actions/flows.

6. Celebrate Your Successes With Confetti

6.1. Virtual Confetti Toss
Celebrate your user’s acheivements with a virtual confetti toss. This feature can be enabled when a user reaches a designated Path stage on a product request or line item.

You can look forward to making the most out of these new features from July 20, 2020. In the meantime, to know more about these releases and prepare likewise, visit the official Salesforce Release Notes Repository.

If you liked this article, please leave your comments in the section below. Till then, sending you our quarantined regards!

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