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Einstein Analytics: Creating Date Fields in Recipes for Toggles

Einstein Analytics is AI-powered advanced analytics that helps in exploring data quickly and with Salesforce Analytics Query Language (SAQL) to query, manage your datasets and customize dashboards programmatically. To know more on Analytics, refer the link.

Using toggle widget we can create a filter for the viewers on Analytics dashboard results based on date or dimension. Here we create a filter for the users on the date field as Quarterly and Yearly. Firstly create Dataset. After creating the dataset, create Dataset Recipe as shown below. You can find the created recipe in the Dataflows & Recipes from the sidebar menu.

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Create a Bucket

Click on the Recipe, you will find redirecting to a table that shows all the data. We write the filter on the Close Date field in Opportunity. Create a bucket to categorize the fields.

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You have 2 options shown while creating a Bucket. Choose the Relative option. A drop-down list appears below with the options by Year, Quarter, Month, Week or Day. Below you have another option to choose your range provided namings for the start and end of your selected type.


Now create two buckets: By Year and By Quarter. Select the range and name each range that you wanted to display. As you create each bucket add the bucket to the Dataset and update as shown below. The Dataset Recipe will get updated and can be monitored from the Data Manager. In the left side panel click on the monitor tab, where you can check the status.

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Create a Dashboard

Create a blank Dashboard and rename the Dashboard.

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Create a Step

Create a step to add a toggle option. So first click on Create a step and choose the dataset you have created at the start. In the left side panel, under Bars choose Quarterly according to your namings saved above. Add a condition under Filters, choosing Quarterly equals to Current Quarter and Last year same Quarter. After following the steps as mentioned click on done. On the Dashboard, you can see the created step.

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Create Toggle

On the left side panel, select the Toggle option. Drag and drop the created step on the Toggle box. The options that are added to the filter are displayed on the Toggle.

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Create the same toggle for a current year and last year. Follow the same steps given above to create a step for Yearly.

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Create a Step

Now we create a step to show a chart with Account Industry data. Click on create a step and select under bars AccountId.Industry. Under Bar Length add criteria to count already available choosing the option: the sum of the amount. Rename the step and drag it to the Dashboard as shown below. Save your Dashboard and click on the preview to see how the toggle helps out.

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On Preview, you can see the output by selecting on the toggle options as shown below.

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Feel free to reach out to us for any doubts.

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