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Introducing: Lightning Web Components

Hello there Trailblazers!! You are all set to read and develop something beyond exciting get hold of your enthusiasm and start right on!! Lightning Web Components is a new programming model for building Lightning components. Lightning Web Components(LWC) are custom HTML elements built using HTML and modern JavaScript. It leverages the web standards and can… Continue reading Introducing: Lightning Web Components

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Chatter Feed Migration in salesforce

This Blog gives you a brief understanding of how to post a chatter feed from child records feed to parent Record feed with “@mention” tag in Salesforce. This describes that when ­ever we post some information on the Child record feed it should auto-populate on the parent record feed. A mention is a “@” character… Continue reading Chatter Feed Migration in salesforce

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Highlights Of Spring’19 Release Notes : Part I

Lightning Experience Adoption: More Ways to Discover and Adopt the New Salesforce Turn On Lightning Experience (Critical Update) Salesforce will turn on Lightning Experience on a rolling basis starting in Winter ‘20 to empower users to move faster, do more, and be more productive. Salesforce encourage everyone to start preparing to transition to Lightning Experience… Continue reading Highlights Of Spring’19 Release Notes : Part I

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Introduction to ChatBots

Chat Bot is a  chat Robot that is used instead of live agents to communicate with the customers/end users for solving the queries. A chatbot is an application that simulates human conversation, either aloud or via text message. Instead of having a conversation with a person, like a support agent, a customer can have a… Continue reading Introduction to ChatBots

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Einstein Analytics: Creating Date Fields in Recipes for Toggles

Einstein Analytics is AI-powered advanced analytics that helps in exploring data quickly and with Salesforce Analytics Query Language (SAQL) to query, manage your datasets and customize dashboards programmatically. To know more on Analytics, refer the link. Using toggle widget we can create a filter for the viewers on Analytics dashboard results based on date or… Continue reading Einstein Analytics: Creating Date Fields in Recipes for Toggles