Thank you for helping us become Platinum

For someone who is fond of writing, I was literally out of words when my marketing manager came to me last week and asked me to pen down my thoughts on ABSYZ becoming a Platinum Partner. It was not a writer’s block. In fact it was quite the opposite. And with Dreamforce just around the corner and the Partnership news, I was literally running on adrenaline and writing a blog required little patience.

Fast forward one week, the task of writing a blog still remained and I finally decided to do it from heart before closing off the week and start my DF18 travel.
So before I even start, Let me Thank, bow down and extend my sincerest gratitude to all our customers, partners, employees, family, friends and well wishers who helped us reach where we are today. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you … without your support ABSYZ would not be a Platinum Consulting Partner today.
ABSYZ has grown exponentially in past few years. From a very humble beginning in a two bedroom flat in Begumpet to a 8000sqft office in the central IT hub of Hyderabad was definitely a roller coaster ride. And this journey wouldn’t have been possible without each and every one of your support.

With Platinum Partner status, we will become one among the top 10 percentile of partners across the world. The partnership is awarded to companies who have demonstrated success over multiple cycles of evaluation. Some of the key evaluation criteria includes but not limited to, number of certified and specialized resources, growth in sales and revenue, high average CSAT scores and customer success stories. In the latest evaluation cycle we literally rocked on all these parameters and are comfortably sailing on the partnership parameters and targets for next 18 months. Special mention to our awesome Sales team who closely worked with and ensured that we have the required sales and growth to get to platinum. Our delivery team also pitched in on time with the required certifications and trailhead badges. And without our Architects, we would not have crossed the magic mark of 700 points required for becoming a Platinum Partner.



ABSYZ Software Consulting is emerging as a key strategic partner for digital transformation projects in landscape. We believe Digital transformation is about enhancing business value, not just streamlining business processes and is one of the best platforms available in the market to get this job done.

When I was writing this blog, a profound quote which has shaped my thoughts and life for over a decade came to my mind. In fact, I actually saw this quote in a T-shirt and realized much later that this was attributed to “Sree Sree of Art of Living” . The quote said  “Broaden your thoughts , Deepen your roots”.

Why I like this quote so much is because it can be interpreted in so many ways – metaphorically or literally. As we embark on this new phase of ABSYZ journey, the technology and platform will keep changing. The projects we pick up will also follow suit. In all this we know we should not loose our focus. Continuous skill development is the key and that is how we will excel. Whether it is Lightning or Einstein, Platform or Analytics, we will focus more on deepening our skills on existing tools in the platform but at the same time keep an open eye for the next big thing and broaden our thoughts. In fact I am personally looking forward to Dreamforce 2018 and new announcements and we will continue to enable our customers and employees on this journey.


Finally, let me thank everyone once again for the 7 years of Salesforce Ohana. Without each and everyone of your support, ABSYZ would not have reached where it is now. Thank you… Godspeed. Jai Hind !

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