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DREAMFORCE 2018: TOP 5 Sessions You Cannot Afford to Miss if you are in Sales/ops


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1. The Rise of Revenue Ops: How Sales, Marketing and Business Ops Drive Growth

Sales, marketing and business ops are coalescing to form the rise of revenue ops. However, the challenge remains: How can these teams integrate to optimize for growth? How do you justify your technology stack? Learn from industry-leading professionals on how they built and executed go-to-market strategies to accelerate revenue growth.

2. McAfee Moves +2,000 Users to Lightning in Less than 6 Months

McAfee has successfully moved +2,000 users with creative ways to support the Sales Reps. They have also planned to switch off Classic as part of the adoption strategy. Good teamwork between the Business team (SalesOps) and IT. Join us to learn how they conveyed a clear point of view of the business to achieve their goals.

3. The State of Salesforce: How the Best Companies Use Salesforce

Join Bluewolf and leaders from Ameritas, Expedia, and Mindbody to discuss trends from our new report. Our seventh-annual The State of Salesforce report covers best practices across Salesforce’s diverse product suite. Learn first hand about emerging technologies, key investment needs, and how to maximize the value from your Salesforce investment.

4. How BT Global Services Achieved Sales Excellence Around the Buyer Journey

Sales leaders and their teams are under persistent pressure to deliver organic revenue growth amidst escalating customer demands where the balance of power has shifted in their favor. In today’s digital era, companies like BT Global Services, a multinational telecommunications company operating in over 180 countries, are tackling the challenge by putting the customer at the center of everything they do. Join us to learn how BT Global Services and the Salesforce Success Cloud created a playbook for sales excellence to support seller effectiveness, collaborative account management, and deeper customer relationships.

5. Automate A Business Process with Point and Click Tools

Still relying on humans to take routine actions? Let’s automate that to keep data cleaner, everyone informed, and your people focused on important work. Dive into this fun 30-minute workshop on Process Builder and walk away with automation super-tips to slim your backlog fast.


Author: Pramukh Desai

Source: https://www.salesforce.com/dreamforce/

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