Create Salesforce Survey (Spring 18 Feature)

Salesforce Surveys lets you create customized surveys to gather important data from your customers.
Create beautiful, easy-to-use forms for collecting feedback and data from your users or customers. Add different types of questions to gather the data you need. All your valuable survey data is stored in your org so you can harness the power of Salesforce to view data, create reports and dashboards, and share insights with your company.

Gather Feedback from
1.Your Community with the Survey Component
When your community members log in, they have the option to participate in the survey.
2.Users with the Surveys Component
Use the Surveys component to embed an active survey in your Lightning page. This component is available for all types of Lightning pages.

Steps to create a Survey

1.Login in to your org and click on Setup, Search Surveys settings and click on Enable


2.To create your Survey, In App Launcher, look for Surveys, and click on it.


3.Clicking launches the Survey tab.

Click on the New button, To create a new Survey
Which Includes Title for Survey,Questions need to be add and Thank you message.
It also provides Options for Build, Send and Analyze the Survey.
It has provides an Option to make the Question Required.


A.Adding Title for Survey


B.To add Question


We can add Questions of type Picklist,Radio, Rating and Text


C.Add thank you message


4.You can also Preview to test, by clicking on Preview button.

It looks as below


5.Once the build is done you need to save and Activate the survey.
Note:Once you activate the survey, you can no longer edit it. You can clone the survey and create new versions.

6.Click on Send radio button on the top section Where we will find the feedback link which needs to be shared to the partcipants


By clicking on the Get Survey Link button, you will get the option to choose the link for Participants Inside or Outside(communities should be enabled) of the company


7.The Link needs to be shared to the Participants via chatter Or Email, Participants can you this link and submit the feedback/Survey


8.We can Monitor the Survey results by clicking on the radio button Analyze


9.We can also create customized Reports and Dasboards based on the Requirement
Note: It is required to create Report type for Surveys.


Note: Once you create your first Survey new button will be not available you
can create new versions

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