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Marketing Cloud Social Studio Series– Macros

In the previous post we have seen different components of Social Studio. This post concentrates on Macros, their creation and their usage.

Macros in Social Studio:

When certain instructions are to be repeatedly used on different tasks, a set containing these common instructions is called a Macro.

A macro in social studio can be chosen when we want to group similar posts based on the response received from customers on social media.

In Social Studio, Macros can be applied to multiple posts at same time.

There are 2 types of Macros.

  1. Engagement Macro
  2. Publish Macro

Engagement Macro

  • When an engagement macro is selected, different actions on multiple posts can be applied at same timeMacros ss1
  • From the Admin section of the social studio, an engagement macro can be created
  • A Super user and a Full user can create and edit macros
  • Super users can edit any macro whereas a Full user can edit macros they own


Creation of Engagement Macro

  • Select any post in social studio for the post inspector to open
  • Click +Create New in the macro’s tab of the post inspector (or navigate to organization’s Admin settings)
  • Enter the macro details such as Name, description
  • Select the work-space which has suitable posts for the macro and add the work-space.
  • In the Options section, select suitable status, priority and username who is supposed to be assigned
  • A selected post can have a macro automatically applied to it or to multiple posts based on the currently logged in user
  • Select sentiment, classification suited for posts and enter post labels, author labels that are to be applied
  • Click send to salesforce button to send data to connected org or click none.
  • Save

Macros ss2

  • Engagement macros are used for more tagging efficiency.
  • Tagged posts can be easily viewed in Analysis Dashboard by “by post tag”, “by classification”


Apply a macro to a post

In the Engage tab:

  • Find the column which has suitable posts for the macro
  • Find the post in the column and select the post to get the post inspector

Navigate to Macros tab, find the suitable macro and apply it to the postMacros ss3


Apply macro to multiple posts

  • Shift+ select will cover a range of posts next to each other
  • Ctrl+ select will select posts that are not next to each other (example: Scenario where different posts from different columns need to be selected and apply macro.)
  • Clicking into the macro also presents the option to perform each macro option individually or perform the entire macro
  • Number of posts selected can be seen in the post inspector along with their icons


Send to Salesforce:

  • Send to Salesforce option gets activated when a sandbox/production org is connected to social studio and to those who are dual social Customer Service/Salesforce user for further engagement like:
    • Post-only
    • Post with case creation
    • Post with lead creation
    • Post with case and lead creationMacros ss4Macros ss5

Publish Macro

Publish macros section can be accessed from the work space settings.

  • Creating a publish macro includes its name, description, attributes like labels, social accounts etc.
  • LinkedIn Account targeting include lists that are to be engaged in LinkedIn using marketing strategies. Targeting will be ignored when it is applied to a different network
  • Web analytics profile tracks different profiles to append URL to published links
  • Save the macro
  • Publish macros cannot be applied across different work spaces
  • Publish macros are automatically applied when a new post is created.
  • Publish macros can be applied automatically to new posts
  • Only one macro per workspace can be applied automaticallyMacros ss7.jpg

Scenario :
A customer commented on a post (product promotion) submitted on social media. Publish Macros of Social Studio analyzes the comment and applies the sentiment automatically.

Einstein also supports Sentiment analysis which will be continued in our next blog post…


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