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Marketing Cloud Social Studio Series – Publish

In the previous blog we have seen the capabilities of Social Studio. This resource will focus mainly on which are the Social Studio components and briefly describing about Publish in Social Studio.

Social Studio component

Social Studio is made up of the three components: Publish, Engage and Analyze.

Publish – Allows users to link social accounts and publish content to account automatically on specified date and time.

Engage – Engage is utilized to monitor the content that has been posted on social accounts utilizing Publish. Utilizing Engage, you can see how the users react to the post.

Analyze – Allows discussion monitoring from owned social accounts and broader social news. Also can find out which topics are currently booming by means of top words.

Publish in Social Studio:

The Publish section shows all scheduled posts on a calendar view. This allows marketers to view the social schedule on a weekly basis. In the Publish tool, you can quickly add new content with integrated partner apps.


Different Create Post Tasks:

  • Create A Post:
  1. Click 1 to create a new post or click on a blank slot on the Publish calendar

Note: Click on a slot before the current date on the Publish calendar to add a          Calendar Note.

  1. Select any of the following:
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

Note: To publish a post to Instagram use Social Studio mobile and the Instagram Mobile app and Instagram Account.


Add an image or video to a new post. Multiple images can be added to Twitter post.

  • Edit an image : After adding image to post you can edit that image by clicking on editSocial Studio image editor is used to enhance your image directly in the application and add visual impact to images in your post.
  • Save a draft of the post : If the content is written but not yet ready to be post or scheduled for the publication then make use of Draft. By clicking on publish_calendar_createpost_saveasdraftbutton  button to save the post to a shared folder that can be shared with workspace members to review,edit, or discard drafts.
  • Promote a Facebook post : Promote Facebook posts to gain more visibility on a Facebook user’s account. Only simple Facebook ads geared toward engagement can be promoted using Social Studio. For more complex ads, use Advertising Studio from Salesforce.
  • Schedule post:


Set a future date and time for publishing the post in the future.

  • Utilize content apps : Add content from the premiere third-party apps or from custom apps to social media posts.

Social Studio Calendar:

Social Studio Publish is built around the Calendar cal.The Workspace calendar is the home for any content marketing organization. The calendar is a centralized location to plan, schedule and create content.

In the calendar view, previously published posts from all the workplace’s social networks, as well as scheduled posts, are displayed.

Different Tasks Done On Calendar:


Add a note to the calendar with reminders and other information important to other members. A note can be added to both past and future post. Particular time can be set for the note. Note is appears in yellow in calendar view.

Apply filters to the calendar view to see the posts based Status Filter types such as Scheduled, Published, Draft, and Deleted etc. Calendar items can be filtered to quickly find out necessary content.


Also there are filter types like Social Accounts, Label, Authors and Media Type.  


To open up the Post click on the Post Inspector that contains full details about the post. This view will display full post details and performance for published posts.


Switch the Calendar view to show a daily, weekly or monthly view of the posts and/or tweets that are scheduled to be published or have already been published.


per1Performance is used to get access to performance summary in last 7 days. It shows summary from all the available social accounts from that particular workspace.


Shared Content:

191_sharedcontenticonShared Content is used to create, reuse and share content with other users and among other workspaces in Social Studio. Users can reuse and modify previously created content, to reduce the time to creating the content again and again. Content which is performing the best in engagement can be reused.

  • First Time Using shared Content:

If you are using Shared Content for the first time then you will get the following window


Create shared content from post which is already published or scheduled.

  • Manage Shared content:

Shared Content can be created from existing post or can be archived which removes them from the Shared Content Index or can be deleted which makes it not available to all the workspaces. Also Shared Content can be saved to items to  the index but not share it.

  • Shared content Details:

Click View details on the Shared Content item to get more details on the shared content item.


Make use of these buttons 6 to delete the shared content, disable the use of shared content, edit the content and to use the content.

Also we can see where the content is used with the workspace name and the name who created the content.

  • Shared Content Index:


All shared Contents are displayed on same page in Social Studio.The view can be sorted according to Recently Created or Most Engaging.

So, this is what all about one of the main Component of Social Studio i.e. Publish where social content can be created and publish to different social channels. There are other features like performance and shared content which shows how much interaction has been done with the content and how content can be used to be shared with cross platform and different workspaces respectively. In the upcoming blogs, we will look into Engage, Analyze and more features of Social Studio.


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