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How to Create Dataset using Informatica Rev in Wave Analytics

This blog post is 4th in the series of posts for Wave Analytics. In my previous blog post How to Create Dataset using Salesforce object in Wave Analytics, I have explained you the how to create Dataset using Salesforce object in Wave Analytics. In this blog post, I will explain you, How to create  Dataset using the Informatica Rev.

How to create Dataset using the Informatica Rev?

  1. In the Analytics app, click on the Create button and click on the Dataset.
  2. Analytics provided the feature to pull the data from the different sources.Select Informatica as the data source, and then click Continue.
  3. You will be redirected to the Informatica cloud.
  4. Click on the New Project
    informatica New project
  5. The popup will be opened, give the Project Name and click on the Continue button.
    informatica project Name
  6. Here there are different options to import data to Wave. Here am pulling the data from the Salesforce. Click on the Salesforce icon.
    Informatica select
  7. Now you will be asked to give the UsernamePassword, Security Token of the Salesforce.
    informatica salesforce
  8. After filling the Name, Username, Password and Security Token and click on the Save button.
  9. Now choose the object you want to get the data and click on the Import button.
    informatica objects.PNG
  10. In the left plane, you can add filters and select the fields you want.
    informatica Filter
  11. If you want the filters Click on the Filters tab and click on the New Filter and apply filters for that and click on the Apply section and click on the Import button.
    informatica Filter1.PNG
  12. Click on the export icon and click on the Salesforce Analytics button.
    informatica export.PNG
  13. Now you will be redirected to the popup where you want to select the org and then click on the OK. If you want to export your data to the different org click on the New Connection button, there you should give the org credentials and export your data to that org.
  14. After exporting the data you will get the success message as below,
    informatica message.PNG
  15. Now go to the Salesforce org where you have exported and check the dataset has been created successfully.
  16. By default, the dataset is stored in the My Private App.
  17. Click on the dataset you will be redirected to the New Lens.
  18. Slice and Dice your Dataset with the different charts.

You can refer how to create Lens and Dashboard in my previous blog post.

If you want to know the basics of the wave analytics you can refer to first blog post of this series Basics of wave analytics

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