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Marketing Cloud Getting Started program

Let’s walk in to the world of Marketing Cloud Experience…!!

As the world’s most powerful 1-to-1 digital marketing platform, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps you in creating personalized, cross-channel customer journeys that deliver exceptional brand experiences.

This blog will guide you through the key steps for anyone to begin with exciting features of Marketing cloud. Here you can find useful links and videos to unwrap Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

What’s Marketing Cloud?

Marketing Cloud is a platform composed of several products that helps you reach your customers at the right time, with the right message, and in the right way. It helps you connect with your customers via email, text message, push notification, dynamic web and landing pages, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform for marketers that allows them to create and manage marketing relationships and campaigns with customers.

To get started, here’s a list of products that make up Marketing Cloud— Marketing Cloud Studios and Builders for a deep dive on all the studios and builders.

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With Marketing Cloud, you can do things like:

  • Connect to your customer where they live (e.g., email, mobile, web).
  • Offer tailored recommendations, reminders, and discounts.
  • Provide customer service in real time.
  • Listen to what consumers have to say on social media and respond to their needs.

Digital marketing is more than just pushing content to your customers, it’s about responding to their needs, at the right time, one customer at a time.

Components that make up Marketing Cloud

Marketing cloud is a single platform made up of several products we call studios and builders. Each studio and builder, and various combinations of them, help meet a specific digital marketing need. Before we look at the details of each studio and builder, let’s first look at the general difference between them.

  • Marketing Cloud Studios help you work with marketing “channels,” which map to the ways you communicate with your customers. From email to social media, we have you covered.
  • Marketing Cloud Builders represent the “platform” or tools that help you build and manage personalized customer journeys.

Marketing Cloud Studios

Email Studio

In Email Studio you can:

  • Use drag-and-drop audience segmentation tools
  • Scale and automate all interactions with your customers
  • Create dynamic email content with drag-and-drop tools
  • Use mobile-optimized email templates
Mobile Studio

With Mobile Studio, you can reach customers at the right time, with the right message, regardless of location.

In Mobile Studio you can:

  • Track and send text messages with SMS
  • Have two-way mobile conversations that include pictures, videos, and audio with MMS, and group messaging
  • Increase use of your app with push messaging
  • Use automated geofencing (interactions based on your customer’s GPS location)
  • Track when customers open your app, how much time they spend interacting with it, and details about their location
  • Create and automate custom solutions with mobile APIs
  • Use ready-made SMS and MMS templates and drag-and-drop tools to customize your messages
Social Studio

With Social Studio you can listen, publish, engage, and analyze your customer’s conversations on social media.

In Social Studio you can:

  • Plan and publish social marketing campaigns
  • Listen and analyze social media conversations to monitor your social media presence
  • Use social with Sales Cloud and Service Cloud
  • Control content publishing with approval rules
Advertising Studio

With Advertising Studio, you can manage and optimize your ad campaigns so that, based on their profile, you present only the relevant content to customers.

In Advertising Studio you can:

  • Advertise relevant content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Manage ads at scale using alternate creative versions, rules automation, and team collaboration tools
  • Visualize data using analytics
  • Use Salesforce CRM data to target your advertising content
Web Studio

Use Web Studio to create website and landing pages, and track visitor behavior to automatically recommend products, content, and offers when a customer visits your website. You can use the prebuilt layouts to add custom content without advanced programming knowledge.

In Web Studio you can:

  • Create personalized content with prebuilt and custom layouts
  • Track visitor behavior and preferences in real time
  • Automatically recommend products, content, and offers

Marketing Cloud Builders

Journey Builder

Journey Builder helps you create a coordinated customer journey—email and mobile engagement opportunities, defined wait times between engagement, and triggers based on customer behavior, preferences, or other data points.

In Journey Builder you can:

  • Map the customer journey, and adjust the customer’s’ path based on their behavior
  • Build and automate customer journeys across email, mobile, advertising, your website, and the Internet of Things
  • Use data from any source
  • Test multiple variations of content, channel, timing, and frequency
Audience Builder

Advertising Studio, you can create a single view of your customers across one platform by collecting data from any source, like Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

In Audience Builder you can:

  • Collect data from any source
  • Create and continuously sync cross-channel profiles
  • Use a drag-and-drop tool to configure audiences and segments

Personalization Builder

Use it to enhance customer profiles, and use its sophisticated algorithms to automate personalized content and messages for every single customer.

In Personalization Builder you can:

  • Configure predictive content and product recommendations
  • Generate predictive scores about the likelihood of customer engagement
  • Automate personalized content and messages for every customer
Content Builder

In Content Builder you can:

  • Upload files with drag-and-drop tools
  • Edit assets and preview content without leaving the application
  • Use search and filter tools to quickly locate marketing content
  • Create reusable blocks of content to be used across marketing channels
  • Share and approve content securely
Analytics Builder

In Analytics Builder you can:

  • Observe customer behavior in real time across every channel
  • View data and campaign results with reports and dashboards
  • Track and measure results across the customer journey
  • Create custom analytics views and interactive visualizations to measure business-centric KPIs

Marketing Cloud Connect

Marketing Cloud Connect integrates Marketing Cloud across the Customer Success Platform.

  • Connect any standard or custom Salesforce data to Marketing Cloud
  • Create engagement across Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud
  • Refresh and sync your Salesforce CRM data automatically

Part 1

Part 2


Video Link for Marketing cloud


Grab your badges for Marketing Cloud on Trailhead

Visit Trailhead to obtain your Marketing Cloud trail badges!

The trail has three modules that cover:

  • Marketing Cloud Basics: Explore our powerful suite of products and start building your digital marketing strategy.
  • Marketing Cloud Studios and Builders: Learn about Studios and Builders and learn how they work together.
  • Email Marketing Strategies: Discover best practices to use when designing and sending an email.


This blog is just a starter kit for Marketing Cloud, will explore more and more features in my coming blogs…!!


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