What is files connect ? And why should we care about it ?

So i had a requirement in which a lot of files needed to be migrated to the Salesforce org, which got me thinking whether salesforce files is the right place to do it. While researching i got to know about files connect.

Salesforce files connect gives you the option to integrate with your google drive , one drive and share point in a way which let’s you view your integrated drives inside Salesforce(see attached pic of files tab)

files connect 1
I set up a demo for google drive  with the help of Files connect setup guide,
and it was up and running in no time.

So, the brief outline of the setup process is the following:-
1) Enable files connect for your org (setup -> customize -> salesforce files->setings ->      files connect)
2) Create a permission set and enable Files Connect Cloud under system properties
,and then assign this permission set to users.
3) Then create a project in Google developer console  , enable drive API in API manager after that copy the client ID and client secret values after providing credentials.
4) Create an Authentication Provider in Salesforce and copy the Callback URL from there.
5) Edit the project in the Google Developer Console  and under Authorized Redirect URIs section, add the Callback URL you copied when creating the authentication provider in Salesforce.
6) Create an External Data Source for Google Drive, referencing the Authentication Provider (This is an optional step, but highly recommended to best integrate external data with Salesforce)


Files connect also lets you attach these files to chatter post making it easily accessible for all.
Files connect 2


You can even query your external object  which will have an instance of all the metadata on the drive .

Files connect 3.JPG


Now users can access and share external files via the Files tab and feed, and search for them right alongside their Salesforce content.

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